Monday, March 29, 2010

Figo - Dil Se

Ford Figo – Own it, U will love it!!!

I want to share the exceptional experience I am having with my Ford Figo. The hunt began when I wanted to change my car, from Sedan to Hatchback. Looking at the current market, too many options available and hence the option of getting confused is open anytime and I was not a left out from that.

The hunt began in the month of January and the logic of start was to compare the same online. helped me on the same and the list got fixed to Fiat Punto, VW Polo, Chevy Beat and Ford Figo; all getting launched at the same time range and hence was worth waiting for. First go was Fiat Punto and as usual got Jazzed by the way they have created the beauty. A first time buyer looking into the car would fall for it and would anyday decide this is made for me and I want to own this but then I wanted to check out the other beauty pageants in market. Chevy Beat was the next check point. Went out, and as I entered the showroom, it was a pleasure to watch but that was a short journey till I went in to see the car. It lacks space all over. No boot space, no leg space. The only plus point was the sporty IP and the shape from outside. VW Polo and Ford Figo were the final two in the race and checked on both on the same day. Post driving both, it was very difficult to find much of the difference till I went into the Value for Money Factor.

For all the car users, the car, in this segment, Ford Figo is true value for money in all senses. Comparative to the features a Honda Jazz might give, the luxury Skoda Fabia or VW Polo Claims, you would get all in this vehicle at the prices affordable truly.

I bought this car on 23 March 2010 and immediately fell in love on first drive. U glide when u drive this car, the interiors are spacious. The features are awesome.

I would like to congratulate Ford for this creation and hope they will back this up with the excellent customer service which has been a point of failure for Ford as a company.

Figo is truly the car to own!!!