Friday, March 27, 2009

Metro v/s Non-Metro What is the difference.

I got admission for B.Com in Allahabad University. Went for the same and for the huge campus this university carries adored the vastness, the flora and fauna, day 1 at university, as most of hte students would be, was lost and nervous. 
Navigated my way to the class and here is the reality. We have day 1 of class being called off because the political leader for the university called a strike.
Starting back to home, the traffic tried its best to "make the roads" wherever there was shortage of space, and build one where there was none. What I mean is such a bad traffic making sure people do "not" move. 
I felt all on the road were owning that road and the small fights turning to be big on the road just for the reason of ego's the people carry to go "First"

2001 - Ahmedabad
Got selected for a MNC after my PG. Day 1 on traffic, was lost on the road itself as the road were double laned. Got caught by traffic police as I broke the lane rules. The same day I understood this is a BIG city.

2007 - Chennai
Got selected for a BPO. Moved to Chennai. Four lane roads, one ways, fly overs but 6 kms taking 40 mins. Understood that this is Metro.

2009 - Bhopal
Got transferred. Back to single lane roads with lesser traffic. Happy to see space to drive. Parks, Greenry, small hills, lakes. But then hear this, a boy murdurs a girl for not agreeing to the love proposal. A boy was beaten up on road because he has overtaken a bike of a person in very high speed. Elections manifesto's are designed basis Dharma and not Karma. 

4 cities, different mindsets. Different way of living. But the big question is what is the difference. Why is metro a metro and developing and why is non-metro a non-metro despite of develoment?