Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bindra's Gold - Should India "The Country" be proud ?

Headlines Read over last few days :

"India's drought on Olympic Gold ends"

"Golden Finger - Bindra"

"Goverment of xyz State announces cash award"

I might continue as I have been following the news and reading it in newspapers but am not so happy to read.

Whenever anything happens in athletics with India, (Bronze by Paes, Silver by Rathod etc..) that is a one time glory. It looks like formation of constellations in the sky of sorts which appear once in some 100s of years. The feeling which sinks in on such achievements; despite of being happy for the individuals performance, is that we might see it again in another some 100 years.

India, striving to be largest human bank, has to hunt for options whereas the largest population country, China, always is in the race at the top.

What is the difference? I feel it is approach. The countries which top the table are the ones which treat every sport they take up, as a profession. They do not start practicing "just before the event", the people participating, coaching are always on this job dedicatedly everytime. They are also supported by the system for the same and also by the people.

India falters at the game because of us. We would be happy if we get one doctor/engineer/management graduate/either/all in our house and would be overjoyed to get a cricketer in our house, the last thing we want is an athlete???

Do we have shortage of talent? Do we have shortage of understanding? Anything we are short on to achieve more in Olympics?

We only have shortage of support.

Congratulations Bindra ... India ... long way to go.

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