Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cosmetic Advertisements - The current Pulse

So, you are alone, single, waiting for a right match and no ideas how to get one ..... Ha .. Ha .. Ha.
That means you don't watch , especially when there are breaks between the programs.
Deodrant - "XYZ" will help you attract girls / boys. Soap "ABC" will make you beautiful enough to attract the opposite sex.
The comments here might read orthodox, ancient, alien but the fact to convey here is what is judicious to view and promote.
The viewership in today's scenario - Indian television - is bifurcated into:
1. Household viewing (Housewives, old aged's)
2. Business viewing (Executives / Business buffs)
3. Leisure and entertainment (Sport Buffs, Youth)
4. Kids
If I have read the data right, TV sets are viewed for 25% of the day by category 1, and 30% of the day by category 3 and 4 (15% each app) and 10% of the day by category 2. Remaining 20% would be no or minimal viewership (including programs having common interests). Whom are we connecting then through these ads.
to all probabilities, it will not affect cat 1 and 4, 2 would not have so much time to get in this, so we are looking to focus youth (15% viewership) by this. Good sales strategy but is it judicious. The concept, as I might say would be called is sales by misguiding ("If you can't guide, misguide to agree").
Most of these companies are promoting sex, women, relationships in their ad and that is surely not the pulse of masses.
In this sale of concept, aren't these companies auctioning the culture??

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Dev said...

The very basic premise of advertisement is that they need to catch the attention of a person i.e "Attitude towards the brand " The 2nd objective of them is to make them recall the brand when they are planning to buy i.e "Attitude towards behavior"
Having said that studies have shown that advertisements with sexual nature tend to catch attention of people.
Considering the current trends in watching television ( zipping and zapping ) and the clutter in the television space , the advertisers are only trying to get visibility for their brands and make people remember their brands by trying to get a pulse on the very "basic Instincts" of human beings .
And if it has affected someone so much that he actully writes about it , then the advertisers have done their job well :) what say akshat