Sunday, September 28, 2008

Crime and Society

A Wednesday - What a movie!!!
No "Big Names"
No "Big Propoganda"
No "Aggressive Marketing"

Yet, the  movie conveyed what it had to!!!.
A good make, a good movie with clear purpose of display and no intention to mull around with ideas, mix and match romantic pairs, songs for marketing and earning, superhero acts, masala ishtyles etc....

Movies and automobiles are two things I know can not be a common choice for most of the crowd. Everyone has opinion which is their personal on both the things.
The comments herein are my personal and coincidentally matches with most of the people I have spoken to.

Two giants in film industry "Naseeruddin and Anupam" sahebs carrying the movie making you stick to the seats and think twice to go out of theatre just for the fear of losing a sight of single scene or dialogue. We appreciated, clapped in the movie, liked it till it was a movie but when it comes to relate to our lives, i think no one did "including me till now."

The message, "The ultimate thing" I liked was very clear. It is no one but us responsible for increasing crime in the society. The terrorists taking country at ransom in today's world are like solar chips in the society sapping the energy from increasing crimme in the country. They have their intentions and heart all firm to take the liberty of carrying on the act which they think about, just because they feel no one is there to stop them. This line does not relate to Police Force as they are tied with the limitation of people to policemen ratio in the country. 
Just to update numbers:
Mumbai: 42,000 cops for 1.4 crore people
Delhi: 61, 000 cops for 1.6 crore people
Kolkata: 26,000 cops for 45 lakh people
Chennai: 14,000 cops for 86 lakh people
Bangalore: 13,000 cops for 50 lakh people

(The data might be old but still relevant) 
Cops are bound to do the duty which they are doing but do you think only police personel have responsibility of protecting the society. We, the citizen of India carry more strength in terms of number of people against the number of anti-social elements. It is just our will to correct the society and most of us think, who should take risk.

We tend to run away from the basic responsibility of intimating relevant just for the fear of "Pachde mein kyun padne ka." 

India has the strength because be in silos but still the country possesses the strength of unity. Let us call it a war against terror and crime and fight for it, with whatever we can. 

It is society which can curb the crime better than police. Police are the enforcers to the law but enablers to the police is the society.

"Jaago India"

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सुमित प्रताप सिंह said...

सादर ब्लॉगस्ते!

कृपया निमंत्रण स्वीकारें व अपुन के ब्लॉग सुमित के तडके (गद्य) पर पधारें। "एक पत्र आतंकवादियों के नाम" आपकी अमूल्य टिप्पणी हेतु प्रतीक्षारत है।