Friday, September 5, 2008

Want to Travel By Flight - Do not expect!!!

Bhai Waah!!! Flight se jaa rahe ho.
To start with this statement, i had intention of taking you to the memory lane of 2000 starting when there was a makeover on the way how air travel was "Consumed."
The fares started getting down, market became cheaper, more options became available, and the traffic "As Desired" increased. The passengers was ready to afford higher fare (comparatively not so high) in order to save time.
The demand was created and since the customer base was increasing, the investment was on cards, to increase the flights. The era was turning towards customer satisfaction to customer delight. Post this, the base increased again, and now came the time of ecstasy and then came the problem with that.
With increased investments and infra cap increase, flight operators were running in losses and this is still going on.
Should we expect; in such scenario, the same level of efficiency, services from the flight operators????

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Piyush Sood said...

When the airlines started they promised sky and moon, but with losses creeping up, it has become difficult to provide the basic... let alone sky and moon. But history shows that the brancds which compromised on service/quality for short term gains infact were never able to get back on their feet again.
The quality, service they pormised needs to be mantained... after, this may just be a passing phase.

Piyush Sood -